Most of the data have been prepared for analysis using R. If part of an R package they can be imported using the data() function otherwise using load(). This page compiles data sets that we have used in our papers. We provide the data exactly in the form in which we have analyzed them ourselves (i.e. including our preprocessing, calibration etc.) in order to facilitate reproducibility. For further information concerning the raw data please consult the original authors and sources.

From Jendoubi and Strimmer, 2019 (CCA data integration):

From Gibb and Strimmer, 2015 (differential proteomics):

From Zuber and Strimmer, 2011 (CAR score):

From Zuber and Strimmer, 2009 (CAT score):

From Opgen-Rhein and Strimmer, 2007a (VAR network) and 2007b (approximate causal network):

From Opgen-Rhein and Strimmer, 2007 (shrinkage t statistic):

From Boulesteix and Strimmer, 2005 (PLS transcription factor prediction):

From Wichert, Fokianos and Strimmer, 2004 (identification of cell cycle genes):

From Strimmer, 2003 (quasi-likelihood approach):

From diverse other papers:

If you miss a data set that we have analyzed in our papers please send email, and we will add it here.